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Program Overview

We are here to bring awareness and information with regards to all aspects related to physiological health conditions and diseases. 

If you are a health care provider, we are able set up one on one talks, webinars, presentations for large groups or come to your clinic or office and enlightening your group on how you to can begin recognizing, diagnosing and then encouraging treatment.

If you are an individual with specific concerns or questions, we are here to help you get answers and to help you achieve a diagnosis which could then begin you on a path to receiving treatments specific to your needs.

Finding a Possible Solution

Concerned that you, your child or someone's you know could be suffering from a physiological condition. Contact PHC today and we can direct you to a health care provider that could help depending on the concerns.

Arrange a Webinar

Are you a health care provider or individual that would like to set up an online webinar to hear more about different issues and what can be done to help? Contact PHC and we can find a day and time that could work best for you.

Setting up a Group Meeting

Would you like to have PHC come and provide an in person meeting or presentation for your team or group. We at PHC can customise and present to your specific requests and provide a great environment for learning.


We are working together with other health care providers to bring awareness to the many growing concerns out there today. It is our goal to provide alternate treatment plans to best suite different patients' individual needs. 

Specifics for Health Care Providers

Learn to Recognise the Signs

Want to learn more for your self and maybe your team. Any practitioner can recognise and identify the signs of a potential problem. We can help you to know what to look for.

Get the knowledge to Provide Treatment

Want to know what options you can provide to your patients? We can give you the insight on alternative treatments and where to get the proper training that you may need.

Think your services could be helpful

 PHC would like to hear from you with regards to your knowledge and care that you are able to provide as well as add you to our growing list of physiological providers.

Knowing when to refer for help

Maybe you are unable to provide the proper treatment alone. We can help you connect with others so that you can provide the optimal complete care for your patients to begin bridging the gap.

Do You Need Help?

Contact Us And We Will Help As Much As We Can

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