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About Us

Dr. Alex Pavlenko

Dr. Alex Pavlenko is the founder and developer of Physiological Health Connections. As a dental practitioner he realizes the link between dental and health conditions. After years of experience and his professional expertise it is his goal to bring awareness to all, that help is out there and that by working together optimal patient care and health is achievable. He focuses himself as being an airway centered practice, where he uses methods of treatment, such as epigenetic orthotropics.

He looks forward to working and collaborating with other health care providers to find solutions for individuals with regards to their pains and symptoms and no longer providing only band aid treatments. 

Meet Our Team

Dr. Stas Pavlenko

Dr. Stas Pavlenko has been driven to provide comprehensive care to his patients, focusing on interceptive and preventive dentistry. Bringing optimal health results through collaborative effort with other health professionals.

He believes in educating patients about their oral​ health, such that they are empowered and informed to be in control of their treatment. He strives to bring excellence to his work, through his careful attention to detail and his​ dedication to life-long learning.

Lisa Dureault

Lisa has been working side by side with Dr. Pavlenko for several years. Together they have been able to bring awareness to many and her wish is to bring awareness to many more. Her abilities to connect with people and provide comfort are some of her best assets. She has the skills to educate but also execute and bring understanding and knowledge when it is needed. From talking one on one or to groups and teams she is here to answer any and all questions that she is able. 

She is excited to help and is ready to be here for you!

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